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Paragon Cleaners


We work with contractors as they restore, repair, and rebuild damaged properties. While the contractor handles the physical structure, our team steps in to take care of the textiles. We remove affected items quickly so you have a clear space to carry out your work. Paragon Dry Clean Restoration will coordinate with your adjuster to meet your needs.

How It Works

Step 1

Clear The Loss Site

Before your work can begin, the items on the premises need to be removed or relocated. Paragon assists in this process by clearing the loss site of affected items, such as clothing from closets.

Step 2


Part of our restoration process is storing the inventory in a safe place while you rebuild. We return the most necessary items to policyholders and keep the rest in our long-term storage facilities so it’s away from the loss site.

Step 3


We work with contractors to settle on a delivery plan that meets everyone’s needs. Once the bulk of the construction work is completed, we will deliver restored items back to the policyholder.

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